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Without it, the danger of major side effects increases, surpassing any possible benefits. Thinking about the restrictive nature of the keto diet plan, the capacity for adverse results is high in children and teenagers. A few of the main negative effects are dehydration, low blood sugar, and impaired growth. Kids are at a stage in their life in which they’re growing at an increased rate, along with developing their food preferences. Throughout this crucial time, sufficient nutrition is crucial.

Following a keto diet would also impact your child’s cultural experience when consuming with peers and family. Provided the high rates of childhood weight problems, numerous children may benefit from a reduced carb intake. Nevertheless, the keto diet plan is too restrictive for the typical healthy, growing kid (). Provided the limiting nature of the keto diet plan, along with its prospective impacts on development and food culture, it’s not advised for healthy kids.

Complying with an extremely limiting diet plan can lead to unhealthy habits and considerably impact their relationship with food. These unhealthy behaviors might cause consuming conditions, which prevail in the adolescent population (, ). Though one study recommends that the keto diet might work for weight reduction in teenagers, many other consuming patterns are less restrictive and much easier to follow in the long term, such as whole-foods-based diets (,, ). The exact same idea uses to kids.

Following a restrictive diet plan like keto can result in unhealthy habits surrounding food and may impact growth in children and teenagers. Therefore, the keto diet plan is not suggested for weight loss in this population. The keto diet plan is used along with conventional therapies to deal with children and adolescents with epilepsy and brain cancer.

Larger text sizeLarge text sizeRegular text size If medicine doesn’t manage seizures in epilepsy, sometimes physicians recommend a ketogenic (or) diet plan. A ketogenic diet plan is a rigorous high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that can lower, and sometimes stop, seizures. It’s called “ketogenic” since it makes in the body. Ketones are made when the body uses fat for energy.

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